Traditional Tasting


Local Wine Tasting

    You will visit a typical Portuguese winery called Manzwine, located at Cheleiros part of Mafra council. There will be a historical setting of the village and the brand project, you will visit the museum and the place where the wine barrels are kept, isolated from the heat, fermenting, you will be fascinated to know the harvesting and winemaking processes and finally the best part comes at the wine bar when you will taste the wonderful 6 wines, focusing on a portuguese almost extinct white ripe, named Jampal.

Wines: Manz Rosé, Dona Fátima, Platónico Tinto, Pomar do Espírito Santo, Contador de Estórias and Manz Douro.

Duration: 1h30

Tasco galapito

Roasted suckling pig lunch

     Tasco Galapito is a family and friends house, the business of the suckling pig is at the moment part of the 4th generation since 1930, located at Negrais, Sintra.

     The pigs are roasted by the traditional way at a wooden oven. At this private lunch you will be part of the family, you will be at a typical environment with music. There you don´t have to worry about the time and duration, it is the moment to create memories, good relationships and to be focused with all the attention on all the flavours. 

Flavours: Aperitif, Roasted Suckling Pig, accompanied by local wine, homemade desserts.



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